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What is Xfinity?    

      Xfinity is a HPC computing solution that is formed by the integration of web-based computing platform, HPC hardware and software, which can be accessed by users at anytime and anywhere.
Three pillars of Xfinity

Xfinity Software Functions

Xfinity provides rich and practical functions, grant different permissions to users with classified management. For Administrator, Xfinity provides management functions with group management, user management, project management, statistics and online information management, and for end user, Xfinity provides application functions with job management, file management, resource Monitoring and communication space.
Xfinity Platform Features

Xfinity software can be deployed according to different needs, build either a common platform for all of users with needs of high-performance computing or a custom platform for a single enterprise or an organization. Here are features:
(1) Convenient to use
(2) Friendly User Interface
(3) Safety Management Mode
(4) Flexible Deployment and Strong Expansion
At present, the Shanghai Supercomputer Center has deployed not only the custom platform for Baosteel, SAIC, Yanfeng Visteon, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute and ACAE, but the common platform for all users(www.xfinity.net.cn).
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