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Commercial Software Scientific Software
  ABAQUS Structural analysis
  LS-DYNA Structural analysis
  ANSYS.Multiphysics Structural analysis
  PAM-CRASH Structural analysis
  MMSC.SOFTWARE Structural analysis
  NASTRAN Structural analysis
  MARC Structural analysis
  FEKO Electromagnetic analysis

Madymo Q/FEA

Multi-body dynamics
  FLUENT Computational fluid dynamics
  CFX Computational fluid dynamics
  STARCD Computational fluid dynamics
  HyperWorks FEA Preprocessor
  ICEM-CFD CFD Preprocessor
  GAMBIT FLUENT Preprocessor
  ABINIT Computational chemistry
  ACES II Computational chemistry
  GANESS Computational chemistry
  NWChem Computational chemistry
  PSI Computational chemistry
  Q-Chem Computational chemistry
  CP2K Materials science
  CPMD Materials science
  DAPACO Materials science
  ESPRESSO Materials science
  SIESTA Materials science
  SMEAGOL Materials science
  WIEN2k Materials science
  AMBER Computational Biology
  CHARMM Computational Biology
  EGO Computational Biology
  GROMACS Computational Biology
  LAMMPS Computational Biology
  NAMD Computational Biology
  CosmoMC Astrophysics
  Gadget2 Astrophysics
  FDS Fire simulation
  OpenFOAM Opensource CFD package
*The codes listed above are compatible with the Hardware and software of Shanghai Supercomputer Center. For any implantation,installation and compatibility test, please contact our staff.
*For any code, the license of which needs to be purchased, or/and registered, or/and obtained through assigning relevant agreements, the code shall only be installed under user self’s working directory and used only by user self who own the license of the code. The validity and legality of the code shall be under the full responsibility of user.
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