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  "Magic Cube "(Dawning 5000A)
  [Mainframe]   Dawning 5000A(230Tflops)
  [Computing Nodes]   1450 4-way blades, each node 64GB memory
  82 8-way SMP rack server,each node 128GB memory
  [Accessing Nodes]   32 accessing nodes plus 8 graphic nodes,each composed of 2 CPUs
  [CPU]   AMD 8347HE 64bit 4-core 1.9GHzCPU
  [System Memory]   95TB
  [System Storage]   500 TB SAN Storage
  [Network]   Infiniband ConnectX DDR
  [Operating System]   Suse Linux Enterprise Server10
  [File System]   High Peformance Parallel File System
  [Job Scheduler]   LSF7.0
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  Dawning 4000A
  [Peak Performance]   10.2Tflops
  [Computing Nodes]   512 4-way nodes
  [Storage Nodes]   16 4-way nodes
  [Accessing Nodes]   4 4-way nodes
  [CPU]   AMD OPTERON 850, 2.4GHz
  [System Memory]   4256GB
  [System Storage]   20TB
  [Architecture]   Cluster、Myrinet2000
  [Operating System]   Turbo Linux 8.0
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