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Shanghai Supercomputer Center is an "on demand" high performance computing application service provider (HPC-ASP) to scientific research and industrial innovation activities in Shanghai and China. Till now, SSC has organized the first-of-art center of advanced hardware, software, human resources and environment. The total computing capability of SSC is over 200Tflops.

"Magic Cube"
In 2009, SSC completed the third phase of system upgrade. "Magic Cube", a 200Tflops supercomputer was installed, which was ranked the 10th fastest supercomputer in the world and the 1st in Asia in Nov.2008. "Magic Cube" consists of 1450 4-way blades and 82 8-way SMP rack server, its CPU is quad-core AMD Opteron Barcelona. The total amount of memory is 95TB.

Dawning 4000A
Dawning 4000A is a high-performance supercluster. It has 512 compute nodes and each has four 2.6GHz AMD Opteron processors and totally 2128 CPUs. The amount of memory is 4256GB. The theoretical peak performance is 10.2Tflop/s.

An large number of scientific sofware and commercial software are equiped on SSC computing facilities.

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