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In field of physics and chemistry, current high-performance computing applications, most of use the molecular dynamics, quantum mechanics and so on, through computer simulations to research the microscopic system of the behavior. General such research are needed on a larger degree of parallel scale computing. Research system scale, larger, more complex, more selection, it needs more computing resources, greater the degree of parallel computing.
Typical Applications:

Creating Conformational Entropy by Increasing Interdomain Mobility in Ligand Binding Regulation: A Revisit to N-Terminal Tandem PDZ Domains of PSD-95

Manipulating Biomolecules with Aqueous Liquids Confined within Single-Walled Nanotubes

Synthetic Haggite V4O6(OH)(4) Nanobelts: Oxyhydroxide as a New Catalog of Smart Electrical Switch Materials

How Graphene Is Cut upon Oxidation?

Evidence of Significant Covalent Bonding in Au(CN)(2)(-)

Stable Liquid Water Droplet on a Water Monolayer Formed at Room Temperature on Ionic Model Substrates

Water-mediated signal multiplication with Y-shaped carbon nanotubes






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